About us

We are a group of people from different disciplines who are concerned with the food and nutritional problems of human beings and the consequences of these problems for the planet. We believe that solutions cannot be the responsibility or the product of the thought of a single person or institution. We like the role that social networks play in bringing together good intentions and creativity. We are a non-profit group, and we hope that institutions, social movements, and as many people as possible find the results of this project useful.

Finding solutions for the traps of the contemporary diet is a project that includes collective knowledge about food and nutrition. It will create spaces not only to analyze the current food crisis in its individual, collective, and planetary facets, but also consider alternatives to solve it.

The food crisis is part of a bigger crisis that we face today as a species. It is an expression of problems that have accumulated throughout history and demand our attention, such as:

• The brutal ways we relate to the environment, which have ended up causing its deterioration and serious changes in the climate.

• The deepening of injustices in the economic relationships between rich and poor countries, with the consequent deterioration of the living conditions of their vulnerable populations.

• Limited access to food for billions of poor people in many countries.

• The existence of various diseases as a result of unhealthy diets; that is, from the consumption of poor-quality food, which determines a poor quality of life and anticipates death.

• Insufficient action by the State, which postpones or fails to find solutions to these problems.

We have grouped the specific problems of contemporary diet into five traps that explain and integrate them, and they require our attention and comprehension in order to find their solutionsOutputs. Those traps are: the hedonistic eating, we eat nature, the phony diversity, where the capital rules, and the atomized nutrition.

Today it is necessary to think of a way to feed ourselves that is within everyone’s reach, that heals the planet and ourselves, and it is time to propose alternatives to the food crisis with a social justice approach. Everyone is invited, each individual, each social group, to build solutions collectively. We invite everyone to think and propose alternatives to the modern food crisis.

Traps of the contemporary diet and their solutions
will also be the title of a book that we will publish at the end of this stage of the project, including the discussions and contributions from the people who participate in finding a collective construction of solutions.